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  • PatchPeople offers a unique, affordable and easily usable patch which prevents human beings from getting bitten by mosquitoes.
  • The product used is an all-natural revolutionary anti-mosquito patch based on Vitamin B1 without the skin-aggressive ingredient DEET, offering protection for up to 36 hours.
  • By printing images & logos onto this anti-mosquito patch, it serves as a marketing tool for companies to promote their caring for their customers, to focus on charity work for people in need and to improve their corporate image.

Your PatchPeople-Team

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  • The Mission
    The mission of PatchPeople is to offer a unique, affordable, and easily usable patch which helps prevent human beings from getting bitten by mosquitoes. Moreover, by printing images or logos on this anti-mosquito patch, it serves as a marketing tool for companies to promote their caring for their customers, charity work for people in need and to improve the overall image.

    The number of infections caused by mosquitoes has steadily increased throughout the last decades. Especially Malaria has become a dangerous threat particularly to the population of third world countries. PatchPeople forms part in the international efforts to fight mosquito related diseases and will try to complement and satisfy the increasing demand for anti-mosquito products.
    The Vision
    Through the year 2010 PatchPeople will achieve the following goals:

  • Establish a strong brand and product reputation of PatchPeople's anti-mosquito patches by offering an extraordinary type of marketing tool and strategy
  • Have excellent relationships with global health organizations, NGOs, governments and large companies
  • Increase the awareness for the global threat of mosquitoes, fight malaria
  • The Founders
  • Klaus Wegener (Bachelor Sc. and Licenciatura in International Business Studies)

  • The founder is supported by several colleagues in Hong Kong and Frankfurt managing financial, sales and operation issues. Furthermore, there is an external advisory board helping the company to grow and expand.
    Corporate Identity
    The unique and consistent design is an absolute key to drive a strong brand to differentiate the business from its competitors.
    The main colors that have been used are Red and White. These colors are associated with health, cleanliness, trust and reliability, characteristics that are of major importance to PatchPeople. Its logo reflects the shape of a patch which includes a mosquito as part of the letter "O". However, from further back this part of the image has similarities to a globe signaling that PatchPeople operates globally and helps people from around the world. Corporate Communication and Corporate Behavior will be emphasized by the management at all times.
    As Asia is one of PatchPeople's core markets, Hong Kong reflects an ideal location in the heart of Asia with a great network of entrepreneurs and a high efficiency of local authorities.